Forklift Hire Nottingham

Companies across Nottingham are constantly looking for the services of a forklift truck but do not want to purchase one. It can be foolish to invest in one if it's going to be used only a handful of times a year. There are forklift hire companies around the city that can fulfil or your forklift needs enabling you to pay as much as you need to use the vehicle.

Added to hiring a forklift, the rental companies can also provide a certified operative to navigate the machine for you. The driver will be skilled enough to undertake a many different tasks in the vehicle. Also impressive is the speed in which these rental companies can deliver a vehicle to your company premises. Often companies have mechanical problems with their own forklift and a rental one can be sent out on the same day, so productivity doesn't diminish.

Upon renting a forklift truck the customer will be guaranteed that any problems they might have with the machine will be dealt with at the first possible moment. Hiring out one of the vehicles can be done:
  • On a day by day basis, for companies who need them at the peak time of their working year.
  • On a long time basis, for companies who need to use them regularly
  • By paying a monthly fee, which enables the company to hire out one of the vehicles at various times during the year.

What Kinds Of Fork Lift Can You Choose From

The most popular type of forklifts are the warehouse models. They vary in terms of the functions they perform. People usually require warehouse forklifts for:
  • Lifting very heavy loads (above 2000kgs)
  • Lifting smaller loads (0-1500kgs)
  • Placing or taking down loads from high up areas (5 metres or more)
  • Lifting Loads in confined spaces
For the first option, it is a goof idea to rent a Three/Four Wheel Counterbalance which can manoeuvre with ease. For smaller loads a hand operated Power Stacker is the best option. To reach high places, a Reacher can function up to 12 metres making it an excellent option. The last option requires a Narrow Aisle Forklift which can manoeuvre fantastically in tight spaces.

There are other types of machines apart from the warehouse variety. For example there are Side loaders which operate as part of a larger vehicle and effectively lift loads from the side instead of from the front. Increasingly popular are All Terrain Forklifts, which resemble a tractor in their design to make them perfect for all kinds of bumpy ground. (176)

Where to find the best fork lift hire

There are many independent companies in Nottingham, such as TBS Forklifts, Servatruc, United Fork Trucks and Muldoons Forklifts who sell forklifts. All of these companies have a website, from which forklifts can be ordered. Nationwide hire companies, such as Forklift Hire and Barlo World, also operate in the area.

The Cost of hiring a fork lift

Renting a forklift for a day can cost up to £100 a day depending on the model, while renting for a longer period of time will cost a lot less. Additional costs might be charged for insurance purposes.

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Forklift Hire Nottingham

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