Forklift Hire Newcastle

The amount of forklift hire companies in Newcastle are growing due to the large demand. It makes sense for many companies nowadays to rent out one of these machines rather than spending thousands for something that will only be used infrequently. This way you will pay when you need a forklift, and you will only pay as much as you need one.

These hire companies offer a range of forklift trucks and services. If you do not have an experienced forklift operator with the correct credentials, then these companies can provide you with one, and they will be well-versed in all the various tasks a forklift can do. If you own an existing forklift and it breaks down, one of the hire companies can get a forklift sent out immediately so there is little disruption to your working day. Forklift hire companies understand how emergencies can crop up, and how they need to be resolved quickly.

There are usually three options for customers who rent a forklift:
  • Rent on a daily basis, a good idea if you only need to use the forklift on a one off occasion.
  • Rent over a long period of time, which makes sense for companies who regularly use these machines
  • Pay a fixed monthly fee, and then whenever you need to use a forklift, one can be sent out immediately. This is ideal for companies unsure about their forklift usage
All the machines will be covered by insurance, and companies will have a guarantee that if it breaks down, then an engineer will come out to fix it at the first opportunity.

Types of Forklift

Around Newcastle it is possible to rent all makes of forklift, including:
  • Toyota
  • Crown
  • Mitsubishi
  • Caterpillar
  • Linde
  • Hyster
  • Komastu
  • Atlet
  • Clark
  • Doosan
  • AUSA
  • Heli
All are very respected brands of forklift. There are many different types of forklift and most companies can send out an engineer to evaluate which forklift will suit your company the most. There are many different types:
  • Three Wheel Counterbalance, a model which is ideal for general use around a warehouse because of its power and manoeuvrability
  • Diesel/Gas Forklifts, perfect if you need more power but don't mind sacrificing a bit of manoeuvrability
  • Reacher, which are the best models for storing or removing objects from a great height. They can extend up to 12 metres.
  • Power Stackers, which are perfect for small weights. They are activated by using a hand pump.
  • Rough Terrain 4x4s, which allow large weights to be shifted outside of the warehouse. Their tractor-like design gives them a strong foundation on uneven ground

One Of the Best Places To Hire a Fork Lift

There are a handful of Newcastle forklift hire companies. Companies like Newcastle Forklift or Nixon Hire both have websites which detail their office location and the types of forklift they have on offer.

What Are The Costs Involved?

In Newcastle, expect to be paying below £100 a day for renting the majority of forklifts, especially ones that operate in a warehouse setting. The costs of forklifts goes lower if you chose to rent over a long period of time.

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Forklift Hire Newcastle

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