Forklift Hire London

Companies in London are springing up providing forklift trucks to rent to firms who prefer not to invest in a forklift of their own. They have a range of vehicles to choose from which vary in the tasks they are able to perform and the kind of ground they are able to work on. They also offer a variety rental contracts, so the company hiring can agree to the contract that suits them the best.

If the company requires someone to operate the vehicle, then a qualified driver can also be provided. The driver will be able to conduct any task the company wishes them to do and should be able to repair the forklift if there are any problems. If the vehicle is hired in case of an emergency i.e. the company's forklift breaks down, then a rented forklift can be sent out immediately.

Any problems with the rented vehicle will be dealt with swiftly, and the vehicle will be replaced if it cannot be fixed on the same day. Hire companies usually ask for a small payment a month which guarantees a forklift can be sent out as and when the company requires it. It is also possible to rent by the day or come to an agreement to rent a forklift out for a longer period.

Types of Forklifts that you can hire

The rental companies in London usually offer the following forklift models:
  • Three Wheel Counterbalance electric, which are sturdy machines capable of lifting up to 2000kgs and can reach as high as 6 metres.
  • Four Wheel Counterbalance electric, which have similar operative functions as the three wheel forklifts but can lift up to 4000kgs.
  • Diesel/Gas counterbalance, which are more powerful vehicles which can lift more
  • Reach trucks, which have a reaching range of up to 12 metres
  • Rough Terrain 4x4, which can be used outside the warehouse on uneven ground, whilst the amount they can carry and the height they can extend can be adjusted.
  • Power Stacker, which are powered by hand, and can lift up to 1200kgs.
  • They also have different makes to choose from including Linde, Hyster and Yale.

Where to Find A Good Company To Hire Forklifts

There are some local forklift hire companies scattered around London. Some of the more popular ones, such as Bluewater, have offices in and around London. Also it is possible to find many UK wide companies in London. Looking online can also ensure the customer will find the best deals. Companies such as Forklift Enterprises, Forklifts London, Bluewater and Hiremech all have websites which catalogue the vehicles they have available to rent.

How Much Do They Cost To Rent?

Around London the cost of a Forklift averages out a £100 per day, but this figure can rise depending on the model and if the company requires someone to operate the vehicle. Long term renting works out considerably cheaper, and usually the price will be determined by the amount of time the vehicle will be rented for, the type of vehicle costs and additional services such as maintenance and extra attachments for the forklift. The forklifts can usually be rented for a period of up to five years.

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Forklift Hire London

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