Forklift Hire Kent

Nowadays more and more companies based in Kent are turning to forklift hire companies around the area to supply them with these machines which can perform all kinds of tasks around the workplace. That way, companies only pay as much as they use the vehicle, rather than paying thousands to purchase one themselves.

The services on offer at these hire companies go beyond sending a forklift out. Most companies do not have a qualified forklift operator on their staff, so rental companies can provide such a person to do it for them. They will be experts in using the machine and can perform all kinds of jobs. Companies with a pre-existing forklift which has a malfunction, can call up a rental company and a replacement will be sent out immediately, to minimize the inconvenience.

Companies also have varying needs. Not every company will need to use a forklift everyday of the week, while many companies need one at different times of the year. Therefore there a different rental methods for hiring a forklift.
  • Rent on a daily basis, perfect if your forklift use is very low.
  • Pay a fixed fee each month, perfect if your forklift use is medium. A machine will be sent out as and when you need it
  • Rent over a long period of time, perfect if you use the vehicle on a daily basis.
All machines are covered by insurance, and companies will regularly service them, fixing any problems they find, as part of the rental agreement.

The Different Types of Forklift

The major manufactured models of forklift can all be found at these rental companies. They include
  • Crown
  • Caterpillar
  • Linde
  • Hyster
  • Clark
  • Doosan
  • AUSA
  • Heli
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Atlet
  • Komatsu
These are all respected brands, and are regularly used in industries with a large forklift presence. There are also a variety of forklifts to choose from, each of which are able to perform different tasks, and therefore you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. It is possible to have an engineer sent to your workplace to determine which type of vehicle will be the best fit for your company. The different types are:
  • Three Wheel Counterbalance, good for power and can maneuver well. Ideal for general use.
  • Diesel/Gas powered, which have more power and can lift heavier loads, but aren't as a result, are less nimble.
  • Reacher, ideal if your storage space is high, as this machine has a reach of up to 12 metres.
  • Power Stackers, ideal if you only need to carry small weights. They are not powered by electricity, but rather by a hand pump, and are manually pulled around.
  • Rough Terrain, if you need a fork lift to venture outside, say on a building site, and carry containers and pallets.
  • Side loader, the forks are attached to the side of the vehicle making it easier to maneuver the forklift

Where to find fork lifts at an affordable price

Hire companies in Kent operate over the phone and the internet. Kent Forklifts and Glosrose both have websites which display all their models.

The Costs that are involved

Renting a forklift isn't too much of a financial burden. In Kent, prices can reach up to £100 per day, but this will be cheaper still if the machine is rented over a long-term period

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Forklift Hire Kent

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