Forklift Hire Essex

When Essex companies need to use a forklift truck, they are turning more and more to hire companies to provide them with this vehicle. This machine can perform a variety of tasks meaning that when a company has a large amount of items to move around it's a good idea to hire one. That way, instead of investing in a vehicle they don't use too much, the company will be only paying as much as they use the forklift.

Hire companies do not simply drop off a forklift. They offer a great service, whereby if you need someone to operate the forklift then they have skilled individual with the appropriate certification to do it for you. They will have the ability to perform all kinds of tasks. Also, companies who need a forklift in the case of an emergency, such as when their own vehicle suddenly malfunctions, can call up a rental company and get a forklift the very same day.

Their rental policy is designed to fit everybody. Not everyone will use a forklift everyday, while others might need to use one all of the time, and so there are different rental agreements you can sign up to.
  • For those who use a forklift a handful of times a year, it is possible to rent by the day.
  • For those who use the forklift infrequently, then it is possible to pay a monthly fee, guaranteeing you a forklift whenever you need one.
  • For those who use the forklift regularly, it is possible to rent one on a long-term basis.
In the case of all these rental agreements, the vehicle will be properly insured, and the forklift will be serviced once a month to detect any operational problems.

Types of Forklift

There are many forklift models, and each one performs a different function, meaning that the company can choose the model that suits their needs the most. Better yet, the rental company can send out an engineer who can help the company make an informed decision on what forklift to hire, based on what they will be using it for. The types of forklift are:
  • Three Wheel Counterbalance, which are moderately powerful and can manoeuvre well
  • Diesel/Gas powered, which are more powerful than manoeuvrable.
  • Reachers, which can reach tall heights.
  • Power Stackers, which are good machines at ground level and are operated using a hand pump.
  • Rough Terrain, which are designed to be used on all kinds of surface.

Where To Find Fork Lifts In Your Local Area

Most hire companies around Essex are closer to the major towns and cities. Some of the more well-known companies are called Meadows Forklifts, Ambassador, Armill and Forklift Hire Essex. A quick look through the yellow pages will get you the phone numbers for these companies, and all of them have a website which showcase the different forklift models they have for hire.

The Cost Of Hiring A Fork Lift

These machines are surprisingly cheap, and to rent one for the day will usually cost in the region of £100. It is cheaper still to rent one out over a long period of time or take the option which means you pay a monthly fee.

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Forklift Hire Essex

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