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For most companies, the cost of buying a forklift truck outweighs the benefits. In a lot of cases it is a vehicle which only needs to be used a handful of times a year, making it a pointless investment. Nowadays there are a host of Forklift Hire companies operating around Bristol who have a fleet of different forklift vehicles which can perform various tasks.

Alongside the vehicle it is possible to hire a certified driver to operate the forklift. They will be able to operate all of the machines that are hired and no task is too big or small for them. These companies will also guarantee that the forklift will be delivered on the same day you book it.

If there is a problem with your forklift, then a replacement vehicle can be sent out immediately so it does not affect your working schedule. Most rental companies around Bristol ask for a low payment per month which allows you to rent out a forklift for as long as you need it. Long term options are also available.

What Forklifts Can You choose From

There are a variety of forklift trucks to chose from. The most popular category of forklift are the warehouse vehicles.
  • Low Level Order Pickers are designed for heavy industrial use, and can carry a weight of up to 2500kg
  • High Level Order Pickers are designed to take a lesser weight than their low level counterparts, but the platform can be raised up to 5 metres.
  • Power Pallet Trucks are pulled by the user and can carry up to 1500kg
  • Reach Trucks are useful for reaching and storing objects at a considerable height
  • Turret Trucks are good for confined spaces and can lift a weight up to 1500kg
  • Stackers are designed to stack pallets and containers on top of each other, and so their mechanical systems revolve around this purpose
  • Hand Pallet Trucks are operated by hand, so the user manually stacks pallets use the device.
There are also a range of three wheeled and four wheeled electric trucks which are very useful for loading and unloading other vehicles, and are simple to drive. Trucks with internal combustion engines are more powerful, can lift a larger amount, and in some cases up to 16000kg, while their design allows them to be used on uneven terrain.

They have two larger wheels at the back of the truck in the style of a tractor, which gives the forklift the capacity to manoeuvre on all kinds of surface.

Where Can You Find A Decent Forklift Hire Service?

Bristol has one local forklift rental company called Bristol Forklifts, a company set up in 2002. They will rent out the vehicles and also promise to provide maintenance services on them if there are any problems. There are also some nationwide companies operating in the area which provide forklift trucks for rent.

What Costs Are Involved?

Rental companies usually rent out their forklifts for no more than £100 a day. Most companies will quote their client a price for long term hire, based on the period, the vehicle and extra services the client requires.

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Forklift Hire Bristol

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