Forklift Hire Glasgow

Around Glasgow there are many rental companies who can solve all your forklift problems. For those who don't need a forklift for all year round, it is a wise idea to rent one from one of these companies for when you need to use one. This way you can save production costs by only paying for as much as you use the machine.

If you have no one at your company skilled enough to operate a forklift then a hire company can also provide a qualified driver to control the vehicle. They will be able to take on any task, no matter the size or scale. Another positive aspect of renting a forklift from these companies is the speed in which they are delivered to your premises. If your own machine breaks down, a rented one can be sent out immediately so there is not too much of a delay in the working day.

Those renting these vehicles will also be able to call upon the hire company to fix the forklift when it ceases to function properly, and they will be repaired as soon as possible. The companies offer different options for hiring forklifts:
  • Either on a daily basis, which is ideal for companies who need to use them one or two days a year
  • Or over a long period, ideal for companies who need to use these vehicles day to day
  • Or by paying a monthly premium, ideal for companies who require a forklift at different times of the year.

Types of Forklifts That Are Available From Hire Companies

Many of the famous brands of forklift are stocked at the hire companies which guarantees the customer will be using a functioning, reputable vehicle. Vehicles made by manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Yale and Hyster can all be found hired.

There are also a variety of forklift trucks which can be used in different situations for the customer to hire.
  • For larger weights, the Three Wheel Counterbalance can lift up to 4000kgs and has a height limit of 6 metres
  • Diesel/Gas powered vehicles can lift more weight, but this means they can't manoeuvre as well.
  • For large heights a reacher can go as high as 12 metres, meaning pallets and containers will take up less floor space.
  • Rough Terrain 4x4s are able to be used on varying surfaces outside of the warehouse, making them ideal for a construction site. They are designed like a tractor, making them more sturdy.
  • Power Stackers are powered with a hand pump to raise and lower the forks. This machine works well for smaller loads, since it can only lift around 1000kgs.

Where to Find Your Local Company

Glasgow companies such as Douglas Gillespie, Ailsa Fork Lifts, At Best Handlers and Nixon Hire are local companies which operate around the city. There are also country-wide companies that rent out forklifts which have branches in Glasgow. All of these companies will have a website detailing their fleet of forklifts

The Cost of Forklift Hiring

The cost of a forklift in Glasgow should never rise above £100 a day, and for those who are looking to rent on a long term basis, will find the daily cost considerably cheaper.

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Forklift Hire Glasgow

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