Forklift Hire Leicester

In recent years a number of forklift hire companies have been formed to service Leicester companies' forklift needs. The forklift is capable of doing many different tasks which revolve around moving a large amount of containers, pallets and other items from one place to another. Instead of investing in a vehicle that the company won't use so much, they are instead renting forklifts to save money.

Hire companies go further than just providing a forklift. They can also provide an individual who has a forklift driverís license who can travel with the forklift and do all the necessary work your company needs doing. Their skill with the machine is impressive and no job is too difficult for them. Sometimes, companyís forklifts break down and if this is the case, a hire company will be able to send out a forklift immediately, since they understand how valuable your time is.

The beauty of the hiring a forklift is there are different rental options which can fit your own criteria. Many people will only need to use it a couple of times a year at the most, so why pay too much? The rental schemes are:
  • By the day, for companies who need to use a forklift two to three times a year.
  • Pay by the month, guaranteeing you a forklift whenever you need one.
  • Rent over a long period of time, for companies who need to use the machine on a daily basis.
In all cases, the machines will be serviced to check for any potential faults and they will be adequately insured against accidents in the workplace.

What kinds of fork lifts can you hire?

Each different task that needs to be performed around a warehouse or on a construction site has a forklift which can fit that purpose. Companies can evaluate what they will use the vehicle for and rent the appropriate model based on that judgement. If they need assistance, then many companies are able to send out an engineer who can help them decide what the best model is for their workplace.

The types of forklift are:
  • Power Stackers, which lift small amounts of weight and are operated by hand, so they are pulled and raised and lowered manually.
  • Reachers, which are good for tall heights, since the reach of this variety of forklift can stretch up to 12 metres.
  • Diesel/Gas powered trucks, which offer power but relatively low manoeuvrability.
  • Three/Four Wheel Counterbalance, which are the classic warehouse model in that they can lift a lot, maneuver well and operate in tight spaces.
Also there are forklifts which can operate on rough terrain, making them ideal for a building site, as well as side loaders which load and unload from the side for improved visibility.

Where to Find Them In your Local Area

Two of Leicester's well known independent forklift hire companies are Premier Forklifts and Gibbs Forklifts. They both have websites which list all their prices and forklift models.

The Cost Of Hire

In general, renting out one of these vehicles per day should cost no more than £100, but for even cheaper deals, renting long term or paying a monthly fee will save money in the long term.

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Forklift Hire Leicester

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