Four Way Forklift

When it comes to safely handing long loads, the four-way forklift is the right tool. Safety issues abound when loads exceed a standard forklift’s capabilities. When a load becomes too long or cumbersome, a different type of lift must be employed. The four-way forklift is basically three machines in one. These forklifts have the amazing capability to operate as a regular counterbalance forklift, a side loader, and a narrow-aisle forklift. Because of their versatility and precision, these forklifts are quite useful on construction sites, as well as in warehouses. Their ability to manoeuvre in congested spaces also sets them apart in the forklift industry.

The primary goal of a four-way forklift is the same as that of average forklift. They simply need to be able to lift an object and haul it. Where a four-way forklift differs is in the type of loads that it is completely capable of lifting. Because forklifts are counter balanced, if the load exceeds a certain length, it can lead to toppling. These specialty forklifts are designed just for such loads. Imagine a load of lumber used at a construction site. Because of the sheer length of the lumber, an average forklift could not function here. The four-way forklift makes it easy to haul the awkward load with no fear of toppling.

Another interesting feature about the four-way forklift is its ability to act as a side-loader. Many of these forklifts are outfitted with specialized wheels that have the capacity to pivot. After lifting a large load like drywall, the wheels actually turn and change the direction of the forklift’s movement. This side-loading setting then allows for awkwardly large loads to be hauled from one place to another in a sideways fashion. This feature is unique to the four-way forklift and really sets it apart in the industry. This capability really makes specific jobs effortless.

Another feature that the four-way forklift boasts is its ability to transition to be a narrow-aisle forklift. The sideways travel that allows for longer loads also allows for this forklift to operate in extremely compact spaces. When the four-way forklift pivots to operate sideways, it is capable of fitting into small storage spaces, as well as crowded work sites. This forklift is also outfitted with rugged wheels, making it appropriate for rough terrain, or a smooth warehouse. Their sideways motion really gives these forklifts an advantage over average machines. These forklifts are capable of anything.

Because the four-way forklift is almost like having several different forklifts in one, it is definitely a wise investment. These specialized forklifts are available through most forklift hire companies. Their versatility and dependability are unlike many other forklifts. The four-way forklift can lift, operate as a side-loader, and fit into narrow locations. This combination of services makes these machines a wise resource to consider. No matter your materials or their location, these handy forklifts have the ability and strength to get the job done.

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