Truck Mounted Forklift Hire

One of the problems with running a warehouse is the amount of expensive equipment needed to be purchased in order to make it run efficiently. Nowadays there are a whole host of rental companies which can help ease the financial strain of maintaining a functioning warehouse. They have all manner of warehouse equipment on offer, especially truck mounted forklifts, which are perfect for loading and unloading vehicles.

If there is no one at your warehouse who is able to operate such a machine, then a great service these rental companies provide is to send out a certified forklift operator to do all the work for you, providing you pay an additional charge. They will be able to use the truck mounted forklift with speed and reliability, thus making sure all your loading needs are fulfilled.

Upon renting a truck mounted forklift, you will be adequately insured against accidents and damages in the workplace and to the machine. You will also have the option of choosing a forklift hire package which will be suitable for the amount of times you intend to use the vehicle. The options are:
  • Long term rental, for those who intend to use the truck mounted forklift on a daily basis.
  • Pay a monthly payment to ensure you can receive the forklift any time your company needs one.
  • Pay by the day, for those who only use the forklift a handful of times each year.
All of these packages are well defined and offer some very reasonable rates.

The Benefits of Truck Mounted Forklifts

Truck Mounted Forklifts are very popular because of their design and versatility. Their best features are:
  • They are the best in the business for loading and unloading items into or out of a large truck.
  • They can be attached to the truck or detached, meaning they can operate as a normal forklift around the warehouse area.
  • The come with additional attachments which allow them to perform other duties besides loading. For example, they can pick up awkward to reach items with their claw attachment.
  • The forks are able to move in all directions, not just up and down, meaning they are suitable to a lot of different kinds of work.
      The truck mounted forklift operator's visibility will be excellent. They will have an excellent 360 degree view of all the space around them, which limits accidents and improves the speed at which they can work.

      Where to find Truck Mounted Forklifts for hire?

      These machines can be found at the majority of the UK's forklift hire companies. There are some excellent companies such as Forklift Hire UK and Barlo World which can be found all over the UK. There are also many local companies which can deliver to companies close to their own. In all cases, these companies will all have a website, displaying their truck mounted forklifts.

      What is the cost of hire?

      The cost of these machines are usually about £100 a day or less, with cheaper rental rates for those hiring the truck mounted forklift over a longer period of time. Most companies also have an option to purchase your rental truck mounted forklift if it is rented over a longer period of time, for a fraction of the normal cost.

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Truck Mounted Forklift Hire

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