Telescopic Forklift Hire

Forklift hire companies have established themselves throughout the UK by providing a decent, affordable service, which offers the customer a variety of options for their forklift needs. There are many different types of forklifts out there on the market, and each plays a particular role in differing work environments. The telescopic machine is one of many forklifts available for hire, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

To hire a telescopic forklift, the customer will be pleased to hear that there are different methods catering to how much they intend to use the vehicle. Hire companies provide different packages:
  • Rent by the day, for companies who only occasionally need to use the machine
  • Pay a monthly payment for those who use the machine a couple of times each month. This way a truck will be delivered whenever you require it
  • Rent by a long term agreement, where a contract will be negotiated for a time period of over six months

Benefits of Telescopic Forklifts

Telescopic forklifts are proving popular because:
  • They are very versatile machines. The telescopic boom which has forks attached on the end of it will be able to pick up and move loads that are tricky to access
  • They are able to move these loads into hard to reach places, such as places at a great height, or directly into a trailer
  • The forks can be swapped for other attachments meaning they are able to do a variety of jobs that normal forklifts aren't able to do
  • Because of the boom and the way the machine is balanced, the truck has the potential to shift very large amounts of weight at a time

They also have a few limitations:
  • They can only operate outside. Their tractor-like design with the boom reaching over the cabin, makes them great for outdoor work, but too large for the warehouse
  • They can easily overstretch (and thus overbalance) if they are not operated correctly. In the cabin, a guidebook can found which outlines what weight the boom can hold and at what particular angle. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can have serious consequences for the machine.

Which Companies make them?

Readers will be pleased to know that some of the forklift industry's most reputable companies have created a line of telescopic forklifts. Therefore, customers can be assured that the model they are renting is reliable and worth the money. The companies that make them are:
  • Caterpillar
  • Ingersoil Rand
  • JCB
  • Liner
  • Manitou
  • Matbro
  • Merlo
  • Skytrac
These companies are constantly redesigning and improving upon existing telescopic forklift models to ensure they work to their full capacity and to give them the ability to take on more tasks in the workplace.

Where to find them?

Most of the UK's forklift hire companies will have these models. In recent years more and more companies are adding more of them to their rental fleet as they are proving quite popular. Most of the well known forklift hire companies stock them, such as Barlo World or Forklift Hire UK. Local companies might also stock them, although their availability is not always guaranteed and customers might be put on a waiting list.

Because of the work they can do, and the cost of the vehicle, they are usually at the high end of the price range. This means renting them for a day can cost above £100, while renting them over a long period of time will also be a bit more expensive than for other forklifts.

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Telescopic Forklift Hire

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