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Customers across the United Kingdom are increasingly turning to forklift hiring companies to help meet their transportation and storage needs. Whether in the workshop, the warehouse or the construction site, many individuals and businesses with transportation and storage needs are relying on hiring companies.

For many customers, hiring a lift offers a number of benefits over purchasing one outright. To begin with, customers may only require the use of heavy equipment at specific times, such as high season, or in the event of an unforeseen or emergency situation. Such people are unlikely to require the use of a forklift full time. As such, hiring a lift is likely to be a much less expensive option.

With many companies offering forklift hire services across the country, it has become convenient and easy to find vehicles that suit individual needs.

Benefits and uses of pedestrian forklifts

These types of lifts are among the most commonly used vehicles for moving goods or pallets around. Pedestrian forklifts can either be unassisted (without using a motor to move the lift around), or powered by a gasoline, diesel or electric motor. Most commonly, these lifts are electrically powered, requiring only to be plugged in to be recharged.

This makes them somewhat less expensive than larger lifts powered by diesel or gas motors. Additionally, the smaller size of these lifts makes them ideally suited for light-duty application, or in close quarters—typically pedestrian lifts are much more compact and manoeuvrable. With a pedestrian forklift, operators typically walk behind the lift as opposed to riding along with it.

Pedestrian forklifts are attractive for a number of reasons. First, its light weight and manoeuvrability mean that the lift is easy to reposition, making it ideal for small warehouses or narrow aisle use.

For power-assisted lifts, controls are very straightforward, typically consisting of a yoke or handle that has a throttle and brake levers. This yoke also usually has the controls for raising or lowering the lift to move pallets from the ground to higher storage places.

Makes and models of forklifts

There are a number of different makers of forklifts which have acquired a reputation for quality and safety within the industry. Customers may wish to familiarize themselves with some of the more well – known makes before attempting to hire a lift. Some of the better known makers include the following:
  • Atlet
  • Crown
  • Durolift
  • Hamech
  • Hyster
  • Kalmar
  • Komatsu
  • Caterpiller
  • Nissan
  • Toyota

Costs and where to find pedestrian forklifts

Forklift hire companies can now be found across the country, with the larger companies often having branches in many different cities. It’s a good idea for customers to start with a simple internet search or look through the phone book to determine some different options. This also provides the opportunity to compare prices, to ensure that they are getting a fair price.

Hiring costs, especially for more simple machines like pedestrian forklifts are surprisingly low. Daily rates shouldn’t exceed £100, with some companies going as low as £50. However, most companies will charge an additional fee for delivery and pickup of the lift.

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