Pallet Jack Forklift Hire

For people or businesses looking to move or store heavy or large volumes of goods, vehicles such as forklifts and pallet jacks can be extremely useful. In the shop yard, ware house or the construction site, many businesses make use of this type of equipment for their transportation or storage requirements.

Depending on the specific jobs required, a range of different vehicles may be useful. With companies across the United Kingdom now offering forklift hire services, customers are finding it increasingly easy to meet their needs.

Why hire a forklift?

There are a number of different reasons why customers may find it attractive to hire a pallet jack or forklift.
  1. Many businesses and individuals only make use of this equipment for specific jobs, or in the event of an emergency, or to help cope with increased demand that often arises during peak seasons. As such, it may not be cost effective to own and maintain a vehicle for themselves.
  2. Additionally, some businesses do not employ staff who are trained with the use of this type of equipment. While no formal licensing scheme exists for operating forklifts in the United Kingdom, having an experienced driver can help make sure jobs are completed efficiently and safely.

Types of forklifts

There are a variety of different forklifts and vehicles that companies typically make available for hire. Lifts may be un-powered (operated by hand), or may use different of motors including diesel, gasoline or electric.

Electrically powered lifts are becoming increasingly popular because of their compact size (which allows them to operate in tight quarters), their low environmental impact (both in terms of not requiring gas or diesel as well as not producing fumes which are breathed in by staff or operators) and their low cost (as they can be recharged by simply plugging the vehicle in, rather than being refuelled).

In addition to different ways of powering lifts, there are a number of types which fulfil different purposes. These may include:
  • Pallet jacks These lifts are typically un-assisted (not powered) and are used for transporting goods and pallets around at ground level.
  • Power pallet jacks These are similar to the lifts described above, except are motor assisted, allowing them to transport heavier goods and items.
  • Three/four way forklifts These machines employ counterbalanced lift and possess the capacity to move large amounts of weight, typically up to 4000 kg.
  • Reachers These lifts have telescoping arms which enable the operator to move goods between the ground and higher storage space.

The costs of hiring a forklift

While prices may vary somewhat between hiring companies and depending on the type of forklift desired (for example, a pallet jack is likely to cost less than a reacher), daily rates are surprisingly inexpensive, with some companies offering vehicles at as low as £50 per day.

Additional charges may be incurred for delivery and pickup up the machines, as well as if the customer desires the services of a trained operator. However, for longer periods of use, such as weekly or monthly, negotiated rates are often available.

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Pallet Jack Forklift Hire

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