Hire a Forklift

Forklifts are one type of heavy machinery that serve a variety of different needs, whether personal or commercial, in construction, the shop floor or elsewhere. An increasing number of individuals and businesses now choose to make use of companies allowing them to hire a forklift to meet their transport and storage needs. These companies are located across the country and make forklift hire convenient and simple.

For many customers, the costs and skills associated with purchasing and maintaining heavy capital machinery are prohibitive. Additionally, many businesses only need to make use of heavy equipment like forklifts at specific times, such as in the midst of peak season or in the event of some unforeseen transportation demands. As such, choosing to hire a forklift can represent a much more cost-effective and efficient option for a large number of customers

An additional barrier that can be overcome by choosing to hire rather than own a forklift is that of operating the vehicle. While forklifts do not require a formal license for operation in the UK, customers may not have the training or experience necessary to feel comfortable operating the vehicles. Many companies which rent forklifts also provide the option of hiring a driver to operate the vehicle. This can help ensure that the job takes place safely both for the driver and the goods being transported, as well as in an efficient and timely manner.

Uses and types of forklifts

Forklifts can help to accomplish a variety of different tasks, from transportation to shelving and racking goods. A range of different equipment exists, designed to meet the specific needs a customer might have. These machines can be diesel, gasoline or electrically powered, depending on the type and model. Most forklift hiring companies will have a range of different equipment on offer; as such, it is useful for customers to familiarize themselves with some of the basics before making any hiring decisions. These may include:
  • Hand pallet trucks, for use in moving and lifting pallets
  • Power pallet trucks, motor assisted tools for use in moving and lifting heavy goods or pallets
  • Reach trucks, which have extendable forks to deliver the load to higher places
  • Stackers, for organizing pallets and goods into stacked piles
  • Rider order picking trucks, which allow the operator to ride up alongside the load
  • Narrow aisle forklifts, which are capable of moving and storing goods in narrow spaces
Additionally, some companies may have specialty forklifts for hire that are designed for very specific conditions of use. For example, this might include rough-terrain forklifts which are capable of carrying and storing loads off-pavement or on uneven surfaces. Another example is explosion proof trucks, which are often used to transport and store flammable goods, or operate under potentially hazardous conditions.

Costs of forklift hiring

A quick internet search for different companies is a useful first step for customers who wish to hire a forklift, in order to compare prices and options available. However, hiring rates in the UK are unlikely to exceed £100 pounds per day for most uses. Companies also typically levy additional charges for delivering forklifts, as well as if the customer wishes to engage the services of a certified driver.

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Hire a Forklift

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