Four Way Forklift Hire

Around the United Kingdom, many businesses and individuals are taking advantage of companies which offer four way forklift hire services. Forklifts are an integral component of many commercial operations, whether on the shop floor, the construction site or the warehouse.

Rather than take on the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining heavy capital equipment, it is more convenient for many people to hire these vehicles during peak periods or when faced with unforeseen transportation or storage needs. With many companies having branches located in cities across the country, hiring a four way lift is a relatively simple and cost-effective matter.

Hiring a vehicle is especially attractive to individuals or businesses that may not have much prior experience operating forklifts, as many companies also provide the option of hiring a certified operator.

These typically have a wealth of experience operating a variety of different machines, which can help ensure that storage and transportation happens not only efficiently, but also safely, both for the goods and for the staff.

Types of forklifts and their uses

Four way forklifts can be useful in accomplishing a number of different tasks, both transport and storage related. There are a range of different makes and models available for hire, ranging from the commonplace to models designed with very specific conditions of use in mind.

Models can be gas or diesel powered, or electrically powered, which is becoming increasingly common. Knowing the different basic types available will help ensure that the correct vehicle is selected for the job. A few of the more common models include:
  • Four way forklifts, which typically have four wheels and counterbalanced lifts. These exhibit a reasonable degree of manoeuvrability and the capacity to move large amounts of weight, usually up to 4000 kg. These may also come in three wheel models. The counterbalanced lift helps ensure stability and safety.
  • Reachers, which are telescoping lifts that are designed specifically to move heavy goods or pallets back and forth between the ground and storage space up high. These machines can typically extend upwards of 15 meters, with loads of up to 2000 kg.
  • Narrow aisle trucks, specifically designed to work in storage spaces which are very closely confined and possess little room for movement. These lifts are highly manoeuvrable and often electrically powered—the compact electric motor makes them perfect for close quarters.

Where to find them and the cost of forklift hire

Many major companies now possess branch offices in a number of cities across the United Kingdom. Locating a hiring company that is in reasonably close proximity is important, as most companies will charge an additional fee for pickup/delivery of the equipment at the job site.

To this end, its useful to begin with a simple internet search or look through the phone book to determine which companies are close-by. This will also help customers get an idea of different prices to ensure a good deal is reached. Typically, daily rental rates will not exceed £100 for a four way forklift hire, but some companies may charge as low as £50 per day.

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Four Way Forklift Hire

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