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If you are based in the North West of England and are looking to hire a forklift truck then you should look no further than Rentalift Forklift Hire, who are based in Warrington and can offer a great selection of trucks, including a wide range of both new and used models.

No matter if you are looking to hire a forklift for a short term period or purchase one outright, then the team at Rentalift will almost certainly be able to help you. They currently supply forklifts to a wide range of different industries, the terms of which all include casual hire, finance or outright purchase.

Today’s Warehouse Environment

The different types of forklift trucks that are available from Rentalift Forklift Hire have become an integral part of today's modern warehouse and manufacturing environment and they are a key and important piece of machinery for many different businesses of varying different sizes.

In the vast majority of cases the whole set up of a warehouse or manufacturing plant could not function as it should do or to anywhere near its full potential. The operation of importing, exporting and manoeuvring heavy goods or cargo all depend on a fork lift truck and many of these tasks either would not be possible or would be extremely difficult and time consuming without the use of a fork lift truck or some other form of material handling equipment or machinery.

Fork Lift Training, Qualifications and Safety

Make sure that operators of forklift trucks are fully trained is really important; obviously, the operators need to be able to drive the forklift properly but it is also crucial from a health and safety point of view too.
  • To ensure that your forklift truck operators are fully trained, Rentalift Forklift Hire can provide customers with a wide range of fully certified training programmes, all of which meet industry standards and the compulsory requirements for licensing.
  • With health and safety and integral part of any workplace environment, training courses from Rentalift Forklift Hire can be tailored to meet a customer’s individual requirements.
  • They also provide onsite training where they will visit the customer’s business address in order to give the training course or they can provide training courses at their own office premises.

Fork Lift Training Courses

Training courses available include:
  • Novice – Full 5 day course for people with no forklift experience
  • Novice Intermediate – 3 day course for people who have a little experience but need certification
  • Refresher Course – 1 day course for existing certificate holders who need to update driving skills
  • Conversion Course– 1 day course for people wishing to switch from one truck to another.

An Easy Solution to All Things Forklift!

No matter if you want to rent or purchase a forklift truck, Rentalift Forklift Hire can provide an easy and straightforward solution to your business, no matter how big or small. They are regarded by many to be one of the fastest and most reliable multi brand forklift truck suppliers to operate within the United Kingdom.

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Rentalift Forklift Hire

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