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For any business that has ever had to hire material handling equipment such as fork lift trucks, pallet trolleys or order picking machinery, then the chances are that they will have head of HSS Forklift Hire. For those people who havenít heard of them HSS is a national of equipment hire, tools and other related services who have provided a wide range of equipment and rental services for over 50 years to various different customers including:
  • Multinational organisations
  • Large businesses
  • DIY customers
  • Trade clients
  • Private individuals Fork Lift Health and Safety
  • They pride themselves on the safety and all looks to be available to customers so that they can offer them good value for money and support, whilst working safely and efficiently at all times.
  • HSS Forklift Hire even offer customers who are new to forklift trucks, particularly operating them the chance to be fully trained in driving and operating fork lift trucks, by their team of industry experts.

A Forklift Truck Could Revolutionise Your Business Operation

If your business has some kind of warehouse operation then it is more than likely that you already understand the importance of using a fork lift truck for the day to day running of the warehouse.

It could be that your business has just moved to larger warehouse premises and now has the requirement for a fork lift truck or other material handling equipment, which is where HSS Forklift Hire can help.

For some small businesses purchasing a brand new fork lift truck is simply not a viable option, this is especially true if they only need to use the fork lift truck for a relatively short period of time. Hiring or renting a fork lift truck from HSS Forklift Hire can offer businesses much more financial flexibility than having to worry about purchasing a fork lift outright and it not being used all that often.

HSS throughout The United Kingdom

HSS Forklift Hire has grown massively since its first shop was open nearly 50 years ago and today they have established a network of nearly 250 branches that operate throughout the United Kingdom, The Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.

Their branches can provide customers with a large number and extensive range of equipment, tools, specialist machinery and other kit that is essential for use in a wide range of different settings.

All of their equipment or machinery that is available for customers to hire is always maintained to a very high standard, is very robust and is always ready to be delivered to a customerís business address so that they can get to work on the job in hand. All of their equipment and tools are also fully tested to the necessary health and safety laws and regulations so customers can be assured that all of the products are well and truly safe to use.

Leading Rental Specialists

HSS Forklift Hire are considered by many to be one of the leading rental specialists in the United Kingdom and can be a trusted supplier of tools, equipment and specialist machinery.

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HSS Forklift Hire

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