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If you are looking into the possibility of purchasing or renting a forklift truck or some other form of material handling equipment then you should look no further than Forklifthire UK, who are one of the leading specialists in fork lift trucks, reach trucks and material handling equipment, all of which are suitable to be used in a warehouse or manufacturing plant environment.

They also have depots throughout the United Kingdom and even some in Europe, which means no matter where you are Forklifthire UK, should be able to supply you with a fork lift truck. Their range of quality used fork lift trucks include ones that run of gas, diesel and electric.

Every Warehouse Needs a Forklift

The truth is that regardless of the size of the operation, every warehouse needs a fork lift truck or some form of material handling equipment. Fork lift trucks are an integral part of this kind of industry in general and would even be fair to say that many businesses who have their own warehouse or manufacturing facility could not operate successfully or to the levels that they do currently without using forklift trucks.

The fact that a fork lift truck is capable of quickly and easily importing, exporting and moving cargo and goods in a warehouse can help businesses to move cargo much easier than they would be able to otherwise and this can be really important for helping the business to run efficiently and effectively.

Forklift Driver Training and Certification

If you are looking to purchase a fork lift truck from Forklifthire UK then it is imperative that the people who will be operating the truck are fully trained and properly certified. By ensuring staff members are fully trained they will easily be able to get on with the job in and, not just that but from a health and safety point of you do not want any accidents to occur at all because your fork lift operator was not properly trained.

It is also a legal requirement for fork lift truck operators to have received training and to be fully certified. Fortunately, Forklifthire UK can provide customers with a number of different training courses that will enable them to meet the industry standard for fork lift truck drivers.

A Wide Range of Forklifts

Forklifthire UK stock a wide range of new and high quality used warehouse and rough terrain forklifts that include stacker order pickers, hand pallet trucks, reach trucks, power pallets, side loaders, narrow aisle forklifts and tow tugs. Although they have new stock available all the time, they mainly tend to stock trucks from the manufacturer Linde. However, some of the other trucks they stock include:
  • Ausa
  • Atlet
  • Hamech
  • Durolift
  • Toyota
No matter which make or model you decide to purchase, most of the trucks available can be delivered to your premises immediately.


If you are looking for one of the largest ranges of new and used forklift trucks that are available in the UK and can be ready for immediate delivery, then look no further than Forklifthire UK.

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Forklifthire UK

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