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For anyone who is based in the Scotland area and is looking to hire a forklift truck or any other material handling equipment then they should look no further than Ailsa Forklift Hire, who is Scotlandís largest retailer of refurbished forklift trucks.

They have over 15 years industry experience and have sold close to 3000 refurbished or second hand forklift trucks. They also have extensive knowledge and expertise in this area and specialise in selling a variety of different forklift trucks, including refurbished trucks, big trucks, rental trucks and trade trucks.

Located on Kelvin Industrial Estate in East Kilbride they are perfectly located to be able to serve the entire region of Scotland.

Why Are Forklifts So Important?

Regardless of the size of the company, forklift trucks, especially those supplied by Ailsa Forklift Hire have become an important part of modern manufacturing and warehousing and the truth is that probably every warehouse will have one.

The forklift truck is more than capable of being able to lift heavy goods and other items onto storage shelves or units that are placed up in the lofty heights of a warehouse or storage unit. They are driven by a forklift operator who ensures that the forks of the truck are positioned correctly underneath the goods or cargo that needs to be lifted. The cargo is then lifted into the air on the forks, which are normally made from steel and are more than capable of lifting a tonne or two.

Modern Forklift Trucks

Many of the forklift trucks that are supplied by Ailsa Forklift Hire can run on petrol, propane or electricity depending on the individual type of truck.

Forklifts that run on electricity will have a battery that is attached to the truck that will enable it to run. It could well be the case that the truck will need to be re-charged each night after use and despite this electric trucks can be a great an incredibly useful addition to many warehouses because they do not expel any potentially harmful gases, like other forklift machines do.

Petrol or propane powered forklift trucks can sometimes be much more powerful than ones that are powered by electricity, which can sometimes enable these types of forklifts to be used outdoors.

Ailsa Services

Ailsa Forklift Hire offer a number of different services when it comes to hiring forklift trucks and other handling equipment for a wide range of different materials. These services include:
  • Short Term Hire
  • Long Term Hire
  • New Sales
  • Used Sales

Benefits of Using Ailsa

The benefit of the short and long term hire that is available from Ailsa Forklift Hire gives customers more options as purchasing a forklift truck outright is not always a suitable option. For many business owners or private individuals who may only need the use of a forklift truck for a specific period of time hiring is a better option.

For businesses that do need to purchase a forklift truck outright then Ailsa Forklift Hire as a wide range of both new and used models available.

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Ailsa Forklift Hire

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