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Forklifts can serve as important and useful pieces of equipment for a variety of different businesses, ranging from construction and manufacturing to warehouses and storage. In the UK, an increasing number of customers are turning to companies which offer forklifts for hire to meet these needs. There are a number of companies throughout the country that help businesses and individuals ensure that they have the appropriate equipment for a variety of jobs.

Using a forklift for hire is attractive for a number of different reasons. First, the costs and effort involved in owning and maintaining heavy capital equipment can be very high for smaller businesses and individual use, especially when the vehicles are only required occasionally or during high periods. Hiring a forklift provides a more cost-effective option when the need exists, whether due to the demands of peak periods, or due to unforeseen transportation needs or an emergency.

Second, many companies which provide forklifts for hire also offer the services of certified operators for their vehicles. These operators are typically experienced with a range of different machinery and operating conditions, and can help ensure that jobs are accomplished safely and efficiently. This is an attractive option for customers who are inexperienced with operating heavy equipment, and who donít have regular need.

Types of forklifts for hire

Like many other types of capital machinery, a range of forklift vehicles exist, designed for accomplishing specific tasks or purposes. Before making a decision to hire a vehicle, customers may find it useful to familiarize themselves with the different types of machines, in order to make sure the appropriate tools are selected for the job at hand. Some of the basic models include:
  • Reach trucks, for moving stock between the ground and high places
  • Stackers, for organizing pallets or stock into stacked piles
  • Hand pallet trucks, for moving stock around at ground level
  • Power pallet trucks, motor-assisted vehicles for moving stock around at ground level
  • Narrow-aisle forklifts, which enable operators to move stock around within confined spaces
Additionally, it may be helpful to be familiar with some of the different brands of forklifts which are commonly available for hire. A range of companies with good reputations make forklifts, some of which include:
  • Atlet
  • Crown
  • Durolift
  • Hamech
  • Hyster
  • Kalmar
  • Komatsu
  • Caterpiller
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
Forklifts are most commonly diesel or gas powered, although some models are electrically operated. In addition to the types listed above, companies providing forklifts for hire may have other models designed for specific conditions of use, such as rough-terrain forklifts or oversized fork-lifts for large or heavy stock. Customers with specific or unusual conditions of use should discuss with hiring companies to ensure the right machine is used for the right job.

Costs of forklifts for hire

While some variation may exist, typically companies hiring vehicles out will charge a per day fee, with the potential for discounted rates for longer periods of use. Costs depend on the specific vehicle desired, but typically should not exceed £100 pounds per day. Additional fees are usually levied for delivering the forklift, and if the services of an operator are required.

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Forklift For Hire

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